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Discounts & Specials

When you decide to join us for a fishing charter adventure on the Chesapeake Bay, check our current specials. We offer customer loyalty discounts, seasonal specials, and other promotions.


Rockaholic would like to take care of customers who show loyalty when booking multiple trips during the year by offering two special deals as follows:

$50 Off Subsequent Trips:

For anyone booking subsequent trips during the year, there will be a $50 discount on each subsequent trip:

Please keep in mind:
  • Subsequent trips are trips booked by the same individual who booked the initial trip. So take advantage of this special by coming back for more fun as the season goes on.
  • This discount is not to be valid in conjunction with any other special pricing or discounts offered.

  • Book (5) Five Charters During the Year:
    Book (5) charters during the same year and get your sixth charter for:


    The Regular Season No Fish Special:

    While Rockaholic tries very hard to put the party on the fish every trip, the fish do not always cooperate. Due to circumstances beyond our control, if we go out and do not catch any keepers during a regular season trip, we would like your group to come back with us and try again because we know we can do better. So if this happens, we will take $150 off a subsequent trip that same year booked by the same individual.

    Spring Trophy and Regular Season Combo:

    Spring Trophy Season is the time for everyone to have the opportunity to catch a big rockfish. Although Rockaholic has experienced much success during the Spring Trophy Season, due to the short season and the necessary ideal spawning conditions, this is not always the time of year when limits are caught. Bottom Fishing during the summer is when fish are abundant off of Rock Hall with alot of action to keep everyone busy. So we are offering these two trip specials when booked together by the same individual. Book a Spring Trophy trip for the opportunity of a huge rockfish at our regular price and get an action packed Regular Season trip that same year for $450.

    To learn more about our promotions and customer loyalty programs, contact us today.

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